Carl ‘The OG’ Cius

2015, 2016, and 2017 Shrimp Eating Champion!

To the community of Fort Myers Beach, I thank you for the chance to reintroduce myself – I am your ‘Shrimp King,’ Carl Cius. I grew up in the beach area. From elementary school through college I’ve been a permanent figure in this area. I’m happy to say I’ve been in the here for two and a half decades. Now, I am proud to be the President & CEO of “Carl’s Touch,” your local gardener.

Now back to the matter at hand… I must tell everyone and anyone, I’m not the King of just anything. I’m here to tell everyone – competitor and none competitor – I will not be beat by just anyone. I was born to devour food and relish the competition. So, I warn you all… Shrimp goes down easy. Beware of the belly. Hahaha! And let’s make this year a great one!