Princess Greyson ~ Ms. Trico Shrimp

Ms. Trico Shrimp - Princess Greyson


My name is Greyson Crandall, I am 17 years old and known for doing things my way! Since I can remember, I have wanted to be the 4th generation ‘Dr. Crandall,’ as the medical field has always called to me. Hence why when I was able to skip my Junior year of high school this year and graduate early, I was so ecstatic! However, after the first few months of the school year, my sister became very sick and my mom, being a single mother, was struggling to juggle work, bills & taking my sister to treatments. So, I got my equivalency diploma and starter working a full time job as a medical assistant to help pay bills and take my sister to treatments.  Despite everything happening in my hectic life, I am on track to attend Montana State University in the Fall and major in their pre-med program!

I want to thank Trico Shrimp for sponsoring me and the Lions club for putting on this event and allowing me to participate in such a wonderful opportunity. I am so excited to get to know my fellow princesses and enjoy this experience! I can’t wait to eat some #PinkGold after the pageant is over!

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