Princess Kacie ~ Ms. Holiday Water Sports

Princess Kacie

My name is Kacie Faircloth and I was born and raised on Fort Myers Beach.  I am currently a sophomore at Ft. Myers High School and I am planning on going into the IB program next year.I am currently involved in two school clubs.  One is the FMHS Fishing Club where we have fun learning about fishing and how to tie knots.  We also work with Captains for Clean Water and educate ourselves on environmental issues so we can then educate other people.  The second club I am involved with is called G.I.F.T.S.  As a club member, I spend most of my time fundraising and organizing a very large closet full of clothes for children in need.  Everyone in the club is aware that many students at our school aren’t economically stable and cannot even afford their own clothing, etc.  We have reached out to other schools, making closets for them as well.In addition to school clubs, I am also Captain of the JV soccer team.  I have enjoyed playing soccer ever since I can remember.  I started playing on the Fort Myers Beach soccer team, then played on my middle school team and now the high school team.  Playing soccer has really helped shape me as a person.  I have become friends with so many amazing people and I will forever be grateful for that.I also have other interests, including writing and photography.  I am working two jobs and saving all of my money for college.  I work at Pelican’s Snoballs making delicious treats for our customers.  I look forward to going in to work mainly because of how many new faces I see and new friends I make there.  Making people smile is really the best feeling in the world.  I also work for my parents at Holiday Water Sports on the beach.  I manage all of the social media for their businesses, so most of the time I take pictures of people having fun and post about it.  It is a great job for me because I absolutely love photography, it helps me express myself and it’s really fun.My future plans are to attend the University of Florida where I hope to get a degree in business.  I would love to follow in my parents footsteps and open my own business one day where I can use my knowledge to help make the world a better place.

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