Shrimp Festival & Your Health

Eat More Shrimp to Benefit the Community of Those In Need & Your Health! 

  • Why attend Shrimp Festival in person?
    • For a good time!
    • To support your own health!
      • Shrimp Festival is FUN!
        • Having fun has many benefits for your health!
          1. Reduces Stress
          2. Increases Serotonin
          3. Improves your ability to cope
          4. Boosts Energy Levels
          5. Improves Memory & Concentration Abilities
          6. Improves Connections with Others
          7. Sounder Sleep
          8. Positive Pattern Creation
      • Shrimp Festival is held outside.
        • Fresh air is fantastic for your health!
        • God willing, the sun will be shining. Sunshine is the best source of Vitamin D! Vitamin D is critical to our health for many reasons.
        • By soaking up Vitamin D via the amazing sunshine we are blessed with in the open air while eating our delicious Gulf shrimp rich in many nutrients, 
      • Our pink Gulf shrimp are a great source of nutrients!
        • Shrimp contains an antioxidant called astaxanthin, which has been studied for its role in promoting brain and heart health.
        • Shrimp is fairly low in calories and provides a high amount of protein and healthy fats, in addition to a variety of vitamins and minerals
        • Shrimp is a good source of protein
        • Shrimp has the GOOD cholesterol

Reap the many health benefits listed above all the while supporting our cause that supports many who can’t support themselves after being affected by things Lions assist with such as vision needs, hunger, diabetes, childhood cancer and more – all made harder by the ongoing pandemic!

  •  Why should you not attend Shrimp Festival in person?
    • If you are ill
      • Take care of yourself and do Shrimp Festival from the comfort of your own home. See details below.
    • If you have travel restrictions
      • Can’t make it Shrimp Festival due to travel restrictions? Bummer! See below on how you can participate until you are able to join us at a future event.

We’ve got you covered on how to experience Shrimp Festival from the comfort of home:

  • Watch the parade here.
  • Buy the same shrimp we sell at our Fort Myers Beach Lions shrimp boil booth and have it shipped to your home from our friends & sponsors, Erickson & Jensen Seafood Packers, just over the Matanzas Pass bridge and located at 1100 Shrimp Boat Lane.’) Make sure to tell them we sent you!
  • Watch the pageant & eating championship here.