Princess Jorja, Miss Douglas Brooke Homes

Princess Jorja is so excited to be returning to the pageant for the Shrimp Festival! This is her second year as a princess in the pageant, and she couldn’t be more ecstatic! Jorja is 17 and is a senior in high school. However, she dual enrolls with FGCU, and hopes to earn her degree for an English major. She works at Trinity Building & Designs in data entry and is thankful for all the useful skills she is learning working in the financial department. She volunteers at her church regularly, singing on the Youth Band Wednesday nights and at the preschool’s children’s worship ministry. When Hurricane Ian hit, she was able to volunteer at her church’s clothing closet and food pantry, as well as helping at the Fort Myers Theatre. Other hobbies she enjoys are acting on stage, singing competitively, as well as crocheting and knitting. 

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